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Thursday, December 31st, 2009
3:56 pm - >:D
hello! my name is chelle. if you'd like to be friends please comment on this entry and i'll friend you back. if you'd like, please include your name and a little bit about yourself.

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Friday, August 10th, 2007
2:43 pm - busyflash
i moved LJs awhile back but when someone recently added me from this old journal's friends list i decided i'd come back here and give another hoot & hollar that i have moved to


Friday, January 5th, 2007
11:23 pm - busyflash, busyflash, busyflash!!!
hi guys, i'm back! please add busyflash. boy oh boy, i missed the internets! :-*

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Friday, July 21st, 2006
2:54 pm - check yo house


go there, enter your street address/city/state and see how much your house is worth (or atleast what this website thinks) and how much your neighbors homes are worth, too. it's very cool. it knows when your house was last bought and for how much and has all this other information. so far all of the info is accurate on my house besides the fact that we have 2 bathrooms not 1. my parents bought the house in 2000 for $112,000 because it was a SHIT house that an old man literally soiled all the floors with piss and poop and we fixed it up and in a year it was worth $400,000! shows how hard work pays off.

ok now go do it and tell me how much your $2,000,000 houses cost in california or whatever!

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Thursday, July 20th, 2006
8:27 pm - vox

yeah i've got one of those diddlydoo vox accounts that everyone's talking about. if you've got one please drop your name/email whatever so i can add you on there.

my vox: http://polaroids.vox.com

the layouts are super cute but other than that it's too new for me! i still love my livejournal and i ain't leaving anytime soon.

not sure what vox is? it's basically "grown up" livejournal. sixapart created VOX for the 'adult' crowd because they want to turn LJ into a 'young' place. psssft.

p.s: if anyone has an extra invite they are willing to part ways with please comment and let me know!

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Monday, July 17th, 2006
12:39 am - swish swash of the washing machine behind me
i hate being a night owl i wish i had the same type of sleeping schedule as kevin so i could zonk out at the same time as him and not feel lonley and like i want to wake him up with a ringading at 1:40am buuuuuut i don't want to interupt his sleep because sleep is g000000d.

ok i love kevin carafa the end peace out guys

and just incase you hate mooshy stuff hey look a cute dog

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Thursday, July 13th, 2006
2:37 pm

p.s this forecast is a lie. they said it's going to be 100-105 all weekend.

i cannot stand this kind of weather. i'm sure all you southern people are laughing in my face but when it gets in the 90s + humidity i start freaking out (not really) and i don't know what to do with myself besides lay in the air conditioning.

we have a huge alert thing too that basically says we are going to have super high humidity, tons of sun, no clouds, and mucho heat (obviously) so the temperatures will rise to 105+ and that all the old people should stay inside with ice packs all over their bodies.

and really i wouldn't be bitching about this kind of weather but the thing is i have to work. and i work on the west side of the metrodome which receives the largest amount of sun from 3-9pm AND we have this huge wall up so we don't receive any breeze and wahhh wahhh the wahhhmbulance is here. anway, i'm just grumpy because i've been on a 10 day break from work and the weather has been fine but of course when i go back to work and have to wear thick cotton pants and a thick cotton shirt it has to be a scorching 105.

hey the project runway community i made is getting hit up pretty well. if you want to add it and join the fun be my guest projectrunway3. there's posts about anything and everything.

last night kevin and i had a LOLerfest.

god i need a new default icon.

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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
6:00 pm - the community is totally in its beginning stages.
i got seriously bored today, and as i was watching re-run after re-run of project runway i decided to make a project runway season 3 community (projectrunway3). i have a feeling it won't take off and go anywhere since there are one or two other communities that are somewhat active PR communities. but i figured since i see about 50 posts about project runway on my friends page each day we can all go and talk about it at the community and blabbityblabla.

sooo yeah, i am planning on recording the episodes and hosting them on there so you can join for that reason too, haha. if you want to be a moderator too just let me know.

join it & make it work!

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Monday, July 10th, 2006
9:50 pm - it's fun to watch phoebe's eyes.

it's a semi-big .gif. give it uno minuto for it to speed up and play at its regular pace.

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Sunday, July 9th, 2006
10:45 pm - my pup

that first look means "please, will you stop taking pictures of me and let me sunbathe?/i'm annoyed"

the second is "ok this light is burning in my eyes but you told me to sit here so you could shove that camera in my face again but could i PLEASE have that treat in your hand now?"

largerCollapse )

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Friday, July 7th, 2006
7:20 pm - cool!

i got another camera AND A BITCHIN' TELEPHOTO LENSE!!

  • canon eos rebel 2000
  • 28-80mm lens
  • ef 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens (!!!!!!!)
  • bp200 battery pack
  • uv-haze filter
  • diffuser filter
  • an awesome camera bag

  • oh happy day. i think i'll go shoot some film tomorrow.

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    2:10 pm - i guess i'm bored.
    my parents are keeping some "camera" related secret away from me. a family friend called today and i hear my mom say "yeah she loves photography..." and then i pop in the room with my ears perked and she stops talking about it. after she hangs up i ask hermy mom what that was about and shes says "ooooh i don't know" with a smile on her face. then my dad comes home a few hours later and says something about "well i wonder when he'll get that damn camera to me" and i'm like "ARE WE GETTING A NEW CAMERA? ARE YOU BUYING A CAMERA BUT THEN SELLING IT TO SOMEONE ELSE?:(" (my dad LOVES to buy things, keep them for a week, and then sell them to some mexican friend so i'm guessing that's what he's doing.) the family friend might stop by today or tomorrow so i am crossing my fingers it's an awesome surprise. i could really use an awesome surprise, i.e a new (digital) camera.

    i had $861 in the bank yesterday but i just got a $288 check today. chaching! over the $1,000 mark finally.

    & i need new frames. and a new face!! har har

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    Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
    11:24 pm - gosh im bored
    my boyfriend is sleeping
    my dog is sleeping
    and there is nothing on tv
    i have absolutely nothing to do and i'm not tired yet
    i made my layout look like the army

    since im on the home computer here are some old webcam pics
    note: the monitor on here is dark/wonky colored so if these pictures look messed up my bad

    i'm about to embarass myselfCollapse )

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    Friday, June 23rd, 2006
    9:45 pm - walker art museum.
    today i went to the walker art museum with my parents to celebrate my mom's 51st birthday. we had chinese & ice cream and burned it off while walking around the museum and the sculpture garden. pictures below! including a bogus panorama.

    walka walka walka!Collapse )

    fact: only 55% of americans know that the sun is a star.

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    Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
    8:15 pm - found this while cleaning my room/REALLY annoying post

    and i call himCollapse )


    (wait a sec, it's a .gif)

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    Monday, June 19th, 2006
    7:10 pm - i have tit length hair haha

    i love editing pictures into crazy colors
    comment with a picture of yourself and i'll do you up, too!

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    Monday, June 5th, 2006
    10:55 pm - mi perro.

    phoebe has slept in my room, next to my bed, for the past week. lately it's been very humid in the house but the basement stays slightly cooler (my room is in the basement in cause you didn't know). i guess i shouldn't take it as that big of a compliment since she just likes the cool tile floor but she does choose to sleep in my room. it's nice to have her presence/dog smell in my room every night.

    the best part is at 6am when she wakes me up to let her out of my room by stretching and shaking which in turn makes her tags jingle. she'll do it a few times if i don't start rolling around immediately. occasionally i let her out of my room, she'll come back a few minutes later, and i peek through my eyes to see her staring right in my face. then, if i move my leg, her tail starts wagging uncontrolabley. she'll stop wagging her tail after a few seconds if i don't continue moving. sometimes i play a game where she will wait for me to move, i won't, so she'll start walking away and then i move and she turns around quick like "whatwhuzzat?" and i lay still. etc, etc, etc until i or she gets sick of it.

    love that dog.

    p.s: everyone shut up about "6-6-6" ITS NOT 6-6-6! ITS 06-06-2006! (in official "date talk") and those who say its "6-6-06" ok sure but uhh....the mark of the devil isnt 6606, is it? sorry i just can't handle the crap about people saying "is the devil going to kill us all tomorrow?" or "is it gonna be hysteria just like Y2K?" are you KIDDING me?

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    Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
    7:25 pm - !boing

    summer time is approaching
    so lets whip out the shades!

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    Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
    3:40 pm - my luck
    my laptop has basically broken.

    the battery won't charge. this has happened before so it's not really a surprise. i won't be online as often because i hate using my home computer and i can't afford to pay $200 to get my warranty back and have HP fix it. maybe sometime around when i go back to school, when i will desperately need my laptop, i'll go waste the $200. but for now, it's no emergency, and i can live without my laptop.

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    Monday, May 29th, 2006
    11:25 am - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    oh my god my sleeping schedule is so messed up.

    last night i tried to go to sleep around 8pm. i slept for about 15 minutes and then layed around until 10pm. finally at 10pm i slept until 10:30pm when kevin called me and i told him i think i was just going to try to go to sleep for the night. then i was on and off asleep until 11pm or so. and lucky me, i was up until about 5am. i would roll around in bed, literally telling myself "don't think about anything, don't think about anything" because i kept thinking about the most random stuff that i think i was keeping me awake.

    this has happened for the past 5 or so nights. it's like my body will not let me "sleep" until 5 or 6am and then i only sleep until 10am or so. i hate it. i have done all the "helping" type things at night like no tv, no computer, don't do anything stimulating, read a book, etc and they all don't help me sleep. i'm seriously considering finding some over the counter sleeping aids to see if that does anything because i NEED sleep.

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